There are a few steps that we can help with when purchasing your shed or outdoor storage building from Ezee Structures Sault Ste. Marie.

Preparation of the area where the building is going to be placed needs to be done and we can certainly help with that. We will have a video this spring on what needs to be done to prepare for a building placement.

We can also do minor landscaping and the addition of things like ramps for your shed or outdoor building.

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Site Preparation

Your building sets up on a number of 4×4 skids. (2 skids for our 8′ wides and 5 skids for our 10′ and 12′ wides.)The flooring is all pressure treated and consists of the 4×4 skids, the 2×4 floor joists, and then 5/8 plywood on top. 

We ask that the ground be flat and level. If it is a building 10×12 or smaller we can block the building up to 3″ to level it up. Anything more than that will result in additional charge. 


Ezee Structures specializes in delivering Fully-Assembled Prefab Sheds, Portable Garages and Gazebos all ready for immediate use. If we cannot deliver a structure to your desired location, we do offer on-Site assembly. For a fully assembled delivery, please note that these are large portable buildings and adequate room for access by a large truck and trailer is required.

Old Shed Removal

We will dismantle and dispose of your old wooden shed prior to the installation of your new one saving you the time and hassle. You can add this service to your order here, or from the options list at the time of order.

Your old shed must be empty and disconnected from any electrics or plumbing.

We have financing options for every situation